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Re: Mac OS X .dylib not working

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Mac OS X .dylib not working
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 13:40:07 +0100

On 2 Feb 2010, at 17:52, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

Under OS-X (Leopard and later), the 'dtruss' program can be used to see what is really going on.

While at it, I found another problem involving libltdl.7.dylib, guile-1.8.7 and lilypond 2.13.7:

When upgrading guile using libtool-2.2.6b, lilypond broke, the one which is in an Application distribution:
It has its own

However, dtruss shows that segmentation fault is caused when calling

When I move this to another name, then lilypond works, but dtruss now shows that it calls

So it seems lilypond never calls its own libltdl.7.dylib.

The problem here, though, is the combination of incompatible versions of libltdl.7.dylib in combination with a library search path. If they really are incompatible, there seems to be no point in having a searchpath.

I think that gcc on Mac OS X makes hardcoded full paths for libraries. So libtool would then implement its own library search paths.

Also, it seems having no problem open .dylib files here.


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