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Re: Undefined symbol _start first referenced in file .libs/libguile_la-g

From: Marion Hakanson
Subject: Re: Undefined symbol _start first referenced in file .libs/libguile_la-g
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 14:40:55 -0700
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Apologies for reviving an old topic. There was no resolution posted, and the same problem is happening today with guile-1.8.7 on Solaris-10 x86 platform, compiling with Sun Studio 12, all patches current as of
early March-2010.

The earlier response, archived here, gave a clue to solution:

I was able to get past the problem by updating gc_os_dep.c's "#ifdef SUNOS5" sections with the same sections lifted out of a more recent
Boehme GC release (gc-6.8), file gcconfig.h.



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