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[bug #31969] omission in docs of scm_misc_error()

From: Bake Timmons
Subject: [bug #31969] omission in docs of scm_misc_error()
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 06:02:54 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #31969 (project guile):

The following patch is what I intended to attach to the initial
bug report:

diff --git a/guile.orig/doc/ref/api-control.texi
index c8c93ba..08a8783 100644
--- a/guile.orig/doc/ref/api-control.texi
+++ b/guile/doc/ref/api-control.texi
@@ -1493,13 +1493,21 @@ and the call to these routines doesn't change
 @deftypefnx {C Function} void scm_wrong_type_arg_msg (char address@hidden, int
@var{argnum}, SCM @var{bad_value}, const char address@hidden)
 @deftypefnx {C Function} void scm_memory_error (char address@hidden)
 Throw an error with the various keys described above.
address@hidden {C Function} void scm_misc_error (const char address@hidden, 
char address@hidden, SCM @var{args})
-For @code{scm_wrong_num_args}, @var{proc} should be a Scheme symbol
+In @code{scm_wrong_num_args}, @var{proc} should be a Scheme symbol
 which is the name of the procedure incorrectly invoked.  The other
 routines take the name of the invoked procedure as a C string.
 In @code{scm_wrong_type_arg_msg}, @var{expected} is a C string
 describing the type of argument that was expected.
+In @code{scm_misc_error}, @var{message} is the error message string,
+possibly containing @code{~S} and @code{~A} escapes.  When an error is
+reported, these are replaced by formatting the corresponding members of
address@hidden: @code{~A} (was @code{%s} in older versions of Guile) formats
+using @code{display} and @code{~S} (was @code{%S}) formats using
 @end deftypefn


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