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problem about v1.8.0 guile

From: joe
Subject: problem about v1.8.0 guile
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 20:47:53 +0800


      Recently, we migrate scheme codes from v1.6.4 guile to v1.8.0 guile and go to build. 

      But, we get error message as below : 
              ERROR: In procedure primitive-load-path: 
              ERROR: Unable to find file "../../sid1/opcodes/../cgen/cgen-opc.scm" in load path
      I confirm two things. One is whole file structure is not changed. Two is cgen-opc.scm still exists in relative path.

      I need you help for 
      1. is there any change about file loading from v1.6.4 guile to v1.8.0 guile? 
      2. could you give me suggestion of how to debug guile or debug scheme codes? 


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