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More missing options for guile/doc/guile.1

From: Mark Harig
Subject: More missing options for guile/doc/guile.1
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 18:13:16 -0500

Here is a list of additional options that are not described
in the guile manual page:

-L DIRECTORY   Add DIRECTORY to the front of the module load path

-x EXTENSION    Add EXTENSION to the front of the load extensions

--no-debug           Start with normal evaluator.
Default is to enable debugging for interactive
                               use, but not for `-s' and `-c'.

 --autocompile     Compile source files automatically (default)

 --no-autocompile  Disable automatic source file compilation

--listen[=P] Listen on a local port or a path for REPL clients.
                If P is not given, the default is local port 37146.

 --use-srfi=LS       Load SRFI modules for the SRFIs in LS,
                which is a list of numbers like "2,13,14"

 -h, --help              Display this help and exit

 -v, --version         Display version information and exit

\ Read arguments from following script lines

'--help' and '--version' are already in the manual page, but the
corresponding short versions, '-h' and '-v', are not.

Also, the command-line option '--emacs' is listed in the
manual page, but should be deleted because it is no
longer an option.

A section named "REPORTING BUGS" could also be added so
that the email address for reporting errors could be listed.
And a "COPYING" section could be added to list the copyright
information.  Adding these two sections would bring the Guile
manual page into agreement with the similar sections in the
Emacs manual page.


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