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Re: Missing and out-of-date information in guile.1, the Guile man page

From: Mark Harig
Subject: Re: Missing and out-of-date information in guile.1, the Guile man page
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 14:38:27 -0500

I'd say too OS-dependent; or more to do with how guile should be
properly installed, than how to use it once it is installed.

But on the other hand, I might be misunderstanding what you had in
if you'd like to propose some specific text...

If a user has followed the instructions in the section "Obtaining and
Installing Guile", and installed guile in the "/usr/local/" directory
tree, then, on systems that use the dynamic linker/loader ld.so or
ld-linux.so*, the instructions in the section "Linking Guile into
Programs" will fail because the new program 'simple-guile' will not be
able to locate the shared library 'libguile-2.0.so*'.

Here is some suggested text for the ENVIRONMENT and SEE ALSO sections
of the guile.1 manual page:

      This variable may need to be set on operating systems that use
      the dynamic linker/loader ld.so/ld-linux.so* to specify where
      the shared libraries that are provided by Guile can be found.
      The variable should provide a colon-separated list of

      For example, in the bash shell the following assignment may be

         export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

      More information about this variable can be found in the
      documentation for the dynamic linker/loader (ld.so(8) or

      ld.so(8), ld-linux.so(8)

Another item of information that would be useful to add to the guile.1
manual page would be the date and version of Guile that the manual
page describes.  For example, the Emacs manual page lists the date
that it is effective and the version.  This appears at the bottom of
the manual page, even though the directive describing it appears at
the top of emacs.1:

.TH EMACS 1 "2007 April 13" "GNU Emacs 23.2"

Likewise, Guile might have:

.TH GUILE 1 "2011 Jan 16" "GNU Guile 2.0"


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