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Re: Keeping copyright notices up to date

From: Mark Harig
Subject: Re: Keeping copyright notices up to date
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 19:42:33 -0500

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 11:37:04PM +0100, Ludovic Courtès wrote:

> 1. There are a number of Guile's files that have invalid copyright
> notices because their years are listed as ranges, which is not
> allowed, for example, the files guile/GNUmakefile and
> guile/maint.mk.  The year range should be deleted and replaced
> with a comma-separated list of years.

I listed these two files only as examples of ones that use
ranges.  I wasn't trying to point them out specifically.  I
did a quick search and found at least 193 files that use
ranges of years in the copyright line in the 'guile'
directory tree that is included in the repository.

These two files are from Gnulib.  A recent addition to the Maintainers
Guide allows the use of ranges provided README explains what the range
means (info "(maintain) Copyright Notices"). We don’t do that, but
these files are imported.

Thank you.  I do not have the GNU 'maintain' package
installed.  It is more detailed than the 'texinfo'
description of copyright requirements (and slightly

It includes this instruction:

  "You can use a range (‘2008-2010’) instead of listing
   individual years (‘2008, 2009, 2010’) if and only if: 1)
   every year in the range, inclusive, really is a
   “copyrightable” year that would be listed individually;
   and 2) you make an explicit statement in a ‘README’ file
   about this usage."


Would you like to raise this issue on address@hidden

Not at this time.  You are aware of the use of ranges and
have a solution for it.


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