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Guile with win32 cross compiling

From: Volker Grabsch
Subject: Guile with win32 cross compiling
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 23:04:58 +0100
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Hello Mike,

I just tried again to cross compile a win32 version of guile, using
the latest 2.0.0 release. My last attempt in April 2010 failed.

Much has been improved since then, but there are still fatal
errors, so I still can't support guile-2 in mingw-cross-env. [1]


The first issue is the "#include <uniconv.h>" in gen-scmconfig,
which has already been discussed in the past and for which I
already provided a clean, working solution. I forward-ported
my patch to guile-2.0.0 and it seems to work. This patch is
attached to this email, please consider applying it.

Also attached is a build log created by mingw-cross-env showing
how far the cross build gets with this patch.


The other open issue is also a known one: the missing mmap()
function under Windows. After some research, I found a promising
mmap()/munmap() implementation for Windows in a free software


Maybe this is worth integrating into guile?


[1] http://mingw-cross-env.nongnu.org/

Volker Grabsch

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