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Re: Problem with netcat

From: Detlev Zundel
Subject: Re: Problem with netcat
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2011 12:52:26 +0200
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> On Sun 03 Apr 2011 23:23, John Proctor <address@hidden> writes:
>> However, if I take a scheme source file such as foo.ss with nothing
>> more than a single express e.g. (+ 1 1) and try :
>> $ nc localhost 9000 < foo.ss
>> the guile instance dies immediately with no errors or anything.
> Can anyone reproduce this error?

I cannot reproduce the error, no.

John, what you might try is to start guile under control of "strace -f"
and see what happens when you connect with netcat.  This could give us a
hint on the reason for the termination.


Computer scientists do it depth-first.

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