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Re: guile-2.0.0 fails to build without threads

From: Marijn
Subject: Re: guile-2.0.0 fails to build without threads
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:44:58 +0200
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On 04/13/11 12:05, Andy Wingo wrote:
> On Tue 12 Apr 2011 09:26, Marijn <address@hidden> writes:
>>>> (boehm-gc in gentoo) is built without threads:
> Interesting.  Any plans to change that?

I said "*when* libgc (boehm-gc in gentoo) is built without threads". The
option to compile boehm-gc with or without threads is exported to users
in Gentoo, the same way it will be for Guile. I do admit that this is a
source of many compilation failures as many upstreams don't seem to test
this configuration, but some people must find this option to build
without threads useful or upstream boehm-gc wouldn't provide it in the
first place. I don't know enough about boehm-gc to second-guess them nor
am I the maintainer of boehm-gc in Gentoo. But Gentoo does enable me to
recompile both boehm-gc and guile both configured with --disable-threads
with a single simple package manager command while also allowing me to
choose which version I want and allowing versions that go check the
online (git) repo and get the latest available, so it is extremely
simple for me to test against this specific and many other compile failures.

>>   CCLD   guile
>> ./.libs/libguile-2.2.so: undefined reference to `GC_register_my_thread'
> Fixed, I think; thanks for the full log.

If you commit it, I will test it ;P


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