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From: Wolfgang J Moeller
Subject: {debug,read,readline,print}-{set!,disable,enable}
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 14:12:11 +0200 (CEST)


to a first approximation, these are just documentation errors
(GUILE 2.0.1 and likely all prior versions):

According to the HTML manual:

— Scheme Procedure: debug-enable option-name
— Scheme Procedure: debug-disable option-name
— Scheme Procedure: debug-set! option-name value

— Scheme Procedure: print-set! option-name value

— Scheme Procedure: read-enable option-name
— Scheme Procedure: read-disable option-name
— Scheme Procedure: read-set! option-name value

In fact, {debug,print,read}-set! are macros that want "option-name" to be a 
literal symbol,
while {debug,read}-{en,dis}able are procedures indeed (apparently taking 
multiple arguments)
that want the "option-name"[s] to be quoted symbol[s].

Given this state of affairs, the docu ought to indicate at least
some kind of difference between the macros and procedures ...

Ch. 7.8.2 ("Readline Options") isn't affected the same way, however it doesn't
mention readline-enable, although the procedure index says so; on the other hand
that page has a reference to (no longer existing) "evaluator" options.

Just saying ;-)

[Noticed while looking for something like V1 (debug-disable 'debug) that might 
speed up execution.]

Best regards,

Wolfgang J. Moeller, Tel. +49 551 47361, wjm<AT>heenes.com
37085 Goettingen, Germany | Disclaimer: No claim intended!
http://www.wjmoeller.de/ -+-------- http://www.heenes.com/

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