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bug#10693: guild compile --load-path value is not processed with scm_par

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: bug#10693: guild compile --load-path value is not processed with scm_parse_path, GUILE_LOAD_PATH env variable value is parsed.
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2012 00:05:52 -0500
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Hi Ian,

Ian Hulin <address@hidden> writes:
> address@hidden ~/src/lilypond (T2026-1)>> guild compile
> --load-path="/home/ian/src/lilypond:/home/ian/src/lilypond/scm"

According to both the Guile manual and the output of "guile compile -h":

  -L, --load-path=DIR   add DIR to the front of the module load path

In other words, it behaves as documented.  The idea is that you should
pass multiple --load-path options, one for each DIR.

Having said this, one could reasonably argue that the long option name
is misleading, and I tend to agree.  On the other hand, the current
behavior has the advantage of allowing _any_ directory to be added, even
if its name contains a colon, and thus allows the creation of more
robust code.

We might want to change the long option name (while continuing to accept
--load-path for backward compatibility), but I can't think of a good
name.  Any suggestions?


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