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bug#10914: Segfault when creating vector >= 2^16

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#10914: Segfault when creating vector >= 2^16
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 21:15:34 +0100
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Hi Tobias,

Tobias Brandt <address@hidden> skribis:

> My libgc was indeed faulty. It failed one test related to threads.
> I recompiled guile against a working libgc, but the error still
> happens. Here is a backtrace from gdb:
> #0  0x00007ffff7b383d7 in scm_c_make_vector () from 
> /usr/lib/libguile-2.2.so.22

That’s Guile ‘master’.  Which Git commit exactly?

Can you reproduce it with Guile 2.0?


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