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bug#13342: Errors trying to build Guile 2.0.7

From: Peter Teeson
Subject: bug#13342: Errors trying to build Guile 2.0.7
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 21:21:00 -0500

Hi Ludo':
Thanks for your reply and your explanation.

On 2013-01-03, at 10:22 AM, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
>> (A) I solved this one by installing GNU readline-6.2.
>> Prior to that it must have used Apple's deadline which didn't have the 
>> rl_get_keymap_name
>> function.
> Yes, that’s because you were using the Readline “compatibility” layer of
> libeditline, which is shipped as part of MacOS.

>> You might wish to make a test for that function in configure and maybe make 
>> GNU readline a required lib?
> There are tests checking for GNU Readline.  The problem is that
> libeditline attempts to replicate Readline’s API, but not quite, hence
> the problem.  That’s why ‘README’ insists on using GNU Readline.
Before I did/do anything I always read the README ;}
Somehow I missed the README insisting - I still don't see it there;}
There is a cryptic statement on page 1
"It will also use the libreadline library if it is available." 

and buried later on at line 413 (using BBEdit)
      The glue code for using GNU readline with Guile.  This
      will be build when configure can find a recent enough readline
      library on your system."

I agree there should be something mentioning the Mac situation and insisting on 
on GNU Readline. Where do you think it should be explicitly mentioned? In the 
Special Instructions For Some Systems section?

>> bad return from expression `(f-sum -1 2000 -30000 40000000000)': expected 
>> 39999971999; got 39999972255
>> FAIL: test-ffi
> This is a known issue when building Guile with LLVM/Clang:
> http://bugs.gnu.org/10015
> http://bugs.gnu.org/10681
> It would be great if you could investigate.

I'd be glad to try and help but please give me pointers on how to approach this.
This will be a learning exercise for me as I am familiar with Xcode and it's 
debugger (GDB and LLDB) but have only used it developing Cocoa apps.

Care to suggest how I should approach things?

thanks and respect….


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