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bug#13741: [PATCH] test-suite: eq-ness of numbers, characters is unspeci

From: Daniel Hartwig
Subject: bug#13741: [PATCH] test-suite: eq-ness of numbers, characters is unspecified
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 12:29:23 +0800

On 19 February 2013 09:55, Daniel Hartwig <address@hidden> wrote:
> * test-suite/tests/00-socket.test:
> * test-suite/tests/alist.test:
> * test-suite/tests/elisp.test:
> * test-suite/tests/encoding-iso88591.test:
> * test-suite/tests/encoding-iso88597.test:
> * test-suite/tests/encoding-utf8.test:
> * test-suite/tests/hash.test:
> * test-suite/tests/i18n.test:
> * test-suite/tests/modules.test:
> * test-suite/tests/ports.test:
> * test-suite/tests/srfi-35.test: Make tests use eqv? instead of eq? when
>   comparing numbers, characters.  Checked also for similar uses of
>   assq[-ref].
> * test-suite/tests/vlist.test ("vhash-delete honors HASH"): Change test
>   to use eqv-ness, not eq-ness, which should not impact its purpose as
>   these two are equivalent for strings.

Located using grep and inspecting each occurance of eq?, assq, consq.
The tests weren't necessarily failing, just incorrect for their
reliance on unspecified results.  Most checks involving numbers were
already using eqv?, equal?, or =.

The following were spotted but have been left alone for now:

* list.test (diff-unrolled): Uses eq? internally, called on lists
  with numbers.

* tree-il.test:

* elisp.test ("assq"): Is that correct for Guile's elisp?  _(elisp)
  Comparison of Numbers_ says that each integer does have a unique
  object in Emacs Lisp, and using ‘eq’ is valid though not


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