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bug#14080: Guile bug building from source with pkg-config

From: David Pirotte
Subject: bug#14080: Guile bug building from source with pkg-config
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 22:04:19 -0300

Hello Mark(s) :)

> Also, what version of g-wrap are you trying to build?

Note that in order to build guile-clutter, you also need the following 
to be satisfied [i'm using git, so this is an extract from the README file of 
clutter branch of guile-gnome-platform]

        Guile-Clutter requires Clutter 1.10 development packages.

        Guile-Clutter depends on some parts of Guile-GNOME: the GLib, ATK,
        Pango, and Cairo wrapsets.  These are commonly distributed with the
        `guile-gnome-platform' tarball.  The Guile-GNOME platform tarball itself
        depends on G-Wrap and Guile-Cairo.  See http://gnu.org/s/guile-gnome/,
        for more information.

Note that you will need the very latest guile-cairo [i mean and recommend a git
clone, because it's been patched by Andy Wingo [the developer] in oder to run 
'bouncer' example I wrote [based on the same example written in C by the clutter
folks] and I don't think Andy did get the time to create a new guile-cairo 

If you need [more] help, let me know.


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