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bug#15683: [critical] ERROR: ... close-pipe: pipe not in table

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: bug#15683: [critical] ERROR: ... close-pipe: pipe not in table
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 10:59:16 -0500
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Sorry, I discovered that the reaper wasn't working properly, and that
slightly more radical changes were necessary.  I've attached a new
version of the patch set.  The only patch that changed here is the last
one, but I include all of them again for simplicity.

I deleted the old 'wip-thread-safe-popen' branch and pushed a new one
called 'thread-safe-popen', because I believe this one finally does the
entire job correctly.


Attachment: 0001-Add-mutex-locking-functions-that-also-block-asyncs.patch
Description: [PATCH 1/6] Add mutex locking functions that also block asyncs

Attachment: 0002-Block-system-asyncs-while-overrides_lock-is-held.patch
Description: [PATCH 2/6] Block system asyncs while 'overrides_lock' is held

Attachment: 0003-Make-guardians-thread-safe.patch
Description: [PATCH 3/6] Make guardians thread-safe

Attachment: 0004-Make-port-alists-accessible-from-Scheme.patch
Description: [PATCH 4/6] Make port alists accessible from Scheme

Attachment: 0005-Stylistic-improvements-for-ice-9-popen.patch
Description: [PATCH 5/6] Stylistic improvements for (ice-9 popen)

Attachment: 0006-Make-ice-9-popen-thread-safe.patch
Description: [PATCH 6/6] Make (ice-9 popen) thread-safe

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