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bug#17399: compilation bugs when making guile-2.0.11

From: Ed Green
Subject: bug#17399: compilation bugs when making guile-2.0.11
Date: Sat, 03 May 2014 19:50:21 -0400
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Dear GNU guile team:

I compiled guile-2.0.11 yesterday, using the configure file in the
distribution and the resulting makefile.

I would like to report three things. Output of ./configure requested
that I report the second one.

I was able to compile and install guile. To the extent that I have
tested it, it works fine. (Thanks!)

Here are the problems. The attached .pdf file will walk you through them
in detail, starting with describing my system. I would be happy to
provide further information or output from the installation process, if
you would like to have it.

1. readline 6.2 is installed. The configure program identified it as
something prior to version 2.1, and output a warning.

2. Running "make check" produced an error report from "ports test:
unicode byte-order marks".

3. The make process produced a file, unistr.h, that had to be manually
adjusted in order to compile.

Ed Green

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