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bug#21373: compile for development version from git fails on OpenBSD

From: Jamil Egdemir
Subject: bug#21373: compile for development version from git fails on OpenBSD
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 09:15:54 -0400


> We cannot use AC_PROG_LEX because Flex is not a dependency when building
> from a tarball.  AC_PROG_LEX would look for flex/lex when running
> ‘configure’, even though it’s not actually needed.

Mmmmmm... good point.  Ok, scratch that idea.

> Maybe we could specify a minimum version number in ‘HACKING’ though? I’m
> not sure which one.

I was just looking through HACKING and it already mentions that "It's
probably not essential to have the latest version."  I suppose that
covers it and provides fair notice of the issue but I missed it there.
Building from source isn't really 'hacking' in my book because it's so
routine.  I figure if I missed that there then it's likely that's not
the first place where most people are going to look.  However, the
README is definitely going to hit a sysadmin's radar.  There's even a
section in there titled 'Special Instructions For Some Systems'.

Not sure if OpenBSD qualifies as a 'special system' but that might be an
appropriate place for a vague note on flex version requirements.
Perhaps something like this:

Special Instructions For Some Systems =====================================

-- OpenBSD

Since OpenBSD often lags behind other distributions due to security
audits it's a good idea to upgrade flex to the the latest version
available at http://flex.sourceforge.net/ before attempting to build
guile. (e.g. As of OpenBSD 5.6, flex-2.5.39 is known to work while 2.5.4
is insufficient.)

> Thanks,
> Ludo’.

Thank you Ludo' for the work you do on guile.  The work you guys do is
MUCH appreciated!  


Jamil Egdemir
(631) 338-3170 (cell)

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