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bug#15620: guile 2.0.9 make check error, in bit-operations.test, elisp-c

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: bug#15620: guile 2.0.9 make check error, in bit-operations.test, elisp-compiler.test and eval-string.test
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 13:51:00 +0200
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On Tue 21 Jun 2016 13:24, Andy Wingo <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Frank,
> Closing this one due to lack of information.  If you find a compile
> failure with icc on Guile 2.0.11 or 2.1.3, please open a new report.
> Thanks :)
> Andy
> On Thu 24 Oct 2013 06:20, Ian Price <address@hidden> writes:
>> "" <address@hidden> writes:
>>> Thanks, Ian.
>>> For me compiling guile is just to satisfy a dependency of another
>>> software. I am really not 
>>> familiar with guile. 
>>>>(use-modules (ice-9 documentation))
>>>>(object-documentation extract)
>>> Do you mean a file in the compiling-folder/module/ice-9? I have no
>>> idea which one will be. 
>>> All files in such folder are compressed and attached. Also attached is
>>> install script and logs.
>> I mean, run guile, and enter those two forms at the prompt, followed by
>> return. Since this is the code in the test that gives an error, you
>> should hopefully get an error here too. Then you can use the command ,bt
>> to get a backtrace.

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