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bug#25463: guile-2.0.13 Check errors

From: rennes
Subject: bug#25463: guile-2.0.13 Check errors
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 02:37:44 -0600
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The Guix package for Guile incorporates a patch that corresponds to
Guile commit 2fbde7f02adb8c6585e9baf6e293ee49cd23d4c4, which fixes a
race condition for these tests.

Could you check that this patch is really being used?

The patch is working.

ERROR: statprof.test: return values - arguments: ((system-error
"setitimer" "~A" ("Function not implemented") (1073741902)))
ERROR: statprof.test: statistical sample counts within expected range
arguments: ((misc-error #f "~A" ("Can't reset profiler while profiler
is running.") #f))
ERROR: statprof.test: accurate call counting - arguments: ((misc-error
#f "~A" ("Can't reset profiler while profiler is running.") #f))

This file uses a ‘when-implemented’ macro to skip tests upon ENOSYS
(“Function not implemented”).

The first of these 3 tests lacked it though, so I’ve added it in commit

whith this commit resolve 'statprof.test' test!

Now the following error is left:
Running time.test
FAIL: time.test: internal-time-units-per-second: versus times and sleep
Running tree-il.test

Totals for this test run:
passes:                 39537
failures:               1
unexpected passes:      0
expected failures:      9
unresolved test cases:  582
untested test cases:    1
unsupported test cases: 10
errors:                 0

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