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bug#30144: [PATCH] doc: Document (ice-9 match) macros.

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: bug#30144: [PATCH] doc: Document (ice-9 match) macros.
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2018 04:57:17 +0530

>> +Match each variable to the corresponding expression, and evaluate the
>> +body with all matched variables in scope.  Raise an error if any of the
>> +expressions fail to match.  @code{match-let} is analogous to named let
> It's only analogous to a named let if a variable name is inserted
> immediately after 'match-let', before the clauses.  In fact, the
> named-let case is not covered by the first line of your definition where
> you give the syntax.

> How about removing any mention of named-let in this definition, and then
> add a separate brief definition for the named-let variant of
> 'match-let'?  It might be worthwhile to keep them separate given that
> their use cases and relevant examples are so different.  What do you
> think?

I have made all the other changes except this one. I have never used
match-let analogous to a named let, and am unable to get a working
example. If you could show me a working example, I'll add it to the new

I'll send you the revised patch once we decide on the above. Thanks!

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