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bug#34437: Guile 2.2.4 Installation Experience

From: Brian Small
Subject: bug#34437: Guile 2.2.4 Installation Experience
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 00:03:24 +0900
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  Guile and its manual have been teaching me a lot. Thank you.

Any problems with the installation should be reported to address@hidden

I wrote up some of the details that gave me trouble while installing guile (GNU Guile) 2.2.4. (fn:1)

For Debian 9 Guile 2.2 seems to require an installation of Guile 2.0 for shared libraries.

Maybe most people that use Guile are developers and already have -devel packages installed:

When the messages said I needed libtdl or libunistring, I really needed libtdl-dev and libunistring-dev.

  For Debian:

The installation process mentioned the need for bdw-gc. A search( showed me that Debian's libgc-dev package would work so a quick # apt-get install libgc-dev let me avoid longer download, configure and make process.

The need for libffi was, like libtdl and libunistring, met by Debian's -dev package # apt-get install libffi-dev.

I hope this mail will help and not just distract. Eventually I'd like to use Guile Scheme for basic programming education. The smoother the installation process goes for non-developers, the more likely it is that the Guile Scheme notation will be good for general education, the way Lancelot Hogben in _Mathematics for the Millions_ about the importance of notation.

  Take it easy,
                 Brian Small

 - (fn:1) https://write.as/bs2gs/installing-guile-2-2-4-on-two-computers


Brian Small

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