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bug#36806: guix package -i guile-emacs takes Build too slow

From: Rostislav Svoboda
Subject: bug#36806: guix package -i guile-emacs takes Build too slow
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 15:11:50 +0200

Hi Ricardo,

> I think, though, that Guile Emacs cannot actually be built at all,

I followed the https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/GuileEmacsBuild#toc8 saying

The Guix package uses a known-good commit for both Guile and Emacs.
You can see which commits are being used by looking at the package

$ guix edit guile-emacs
$ guix edit guile-for-guile-emacs

And using the `guix edit guile-emacs` I see the 41120e0 is suposed to
be the know-good commit :(

> This is the view from our build farm:
> https://ci.guix.gnu.org/search?query=guile-emacs+spec%3Aguix-master+system%3Ax86_64-linux
> Doesn’t look good.

But I see that the d8d9a8d (build Id 909170) should work.
Unfortunately I'm new[*] to guix so I don't really know what to do
about it / how to change it.
Can you do something about it please?


Rostislav Svoboda

[*]: Despite being at your guix talk on the Bobkonf 2017 ... ehm :)

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