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bug#38486: done

From: Matt Wette
Subject: bug#38486: done
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 09:08:36 -0700
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fixed by wingo:

$ git log -1
commit ef6f7ce70bfb9310cfec2a87a0a26ad7b9ab355b (HEAD -> master, origin/master, 
Author: Andy Wingo <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Mar 23 14:45:29 2020 +0100

    Fix fixpoint computation in compute-significant-bits
* module/language/cps/specialize-numbers.scm (preserve-eq?): New
      (sigbits-union): Use the new helper.  Fixes bugs.gnu.org/38486.
      Thanks to Zack Marvel for the bug report and Matt Wette for tracking
      it down.

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