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bug#39999: MacOS Catalina with sed

From: W. Lincoln Harvey
Subject: bug#39999: MacOS Catalina with sed
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 11:22:00 -0700

MacOS uses BSD sed.  When the -i option to sed is used, it has a mandatory 
argument, which should be a zero length string to edit the file in-place.  
Gnu sed’s -i option uses an optional argument, rather than a mandatory 
argument, which if not present allows the file to be edited in-place.   Adding 
a zero-length string might cause problems.

Configure needs to add a zero length quote when compiling using BSD sed, and 
nothing when compiling using Gnu sed, or avoid the whole problem by making a 
backup using a prefix, in which case both use the same syntax.


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