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bug#40737: Segfault in arm gcc7, thumb2 builroot, with arm patch

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#40737: Segfault in arm gcc7, thumb2 builroot, with arm patch
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2020 00:36:30 +0200
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Hi Dale,

dsmich@roadrunner.com skribis:

> Here is a backtrace of running guile on a builtroot constructed system
> for rpi3.
> Thumb2 instructions: BR2_ARM_INSTRUCTIONS_THUMB2=y
> Gcc 7.5: BR2_GCC_VERSION="7.5.0"
> Glibc.
> Uses the patch from
> https://gitlab.com/wingo/lightening/-/merge_requests/3
> I hope this makes it through the mail client ok. 
> -Dale
> Core was generated by `guile'.
> Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.


> #0 0x76ee6f12 in scm_is_pair (x=0x0) at pairs.h:182
> #1 scm_sloppy_assq (key=0x752076f0, alist=0x0) at alist.c:59
> #2 0x76effef8 in scm_hash_fn_ref (table=table@entry=0x751da8b0,
> obj=obj@entry=0x752076f0, dflt=dflt@entry=0x4,
> hash_fn=hash_fn@entry=0x76eff79d , assoc_fn=0x76ee6f0d ,
> closure=closure@entry=0x0) at hashtab.c:300
> #3 0x76efff5c in scm_hashq_ref (table=0x751da8b0,
> key=key@entry=0x752076f0, dflt=0x4, dflt@entry=0x904) at hashtab.c:426
> #4 0x76f11f74 in scm_module_variable (module=0x74f281e0,
> sym=0x752076f0) at modules.c:500
> #5 0x76f430c4 in vm_debug_engine (thread=0x76a46e00) at
> vm-engine.c:1560

Is this bug still present after the recent lightening merge in


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