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bug#44182: Bug in nftw function

From: Matija Obid
Subject: bug#44182: Bug in nftw function
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 20:41:01 +0200
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If I run nftw/ftw function over root directory ("/") it doesn't find any

Example: (nftw "/" (lambda* (file #:rest args) (write file) #t))

Explanation from irc:
> [20:11]        <RhodiumToad> bug in nftw, or more precisely in one of the
>                            functions it calls
> [20:12]        <RhodiumToad> (lambda () (go (clean filename) 0 0))  ;; but
>                            (clean "/") returns "", which is clearly wrong
> [20:13]        <RhodiumToad> (clean) is removing any excess trailing /, but it
>                            doesn't have the required special case for
>                            filenames that are just "/" and nothing
>                            else

Best Regards,
Matija Obid

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