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bug#44186: Recursive mkdir

From: divoplade
Subject: bug#44186: Recursive mkdir
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 08:17:47 +0200
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Le samedi 24 octobre 2020 à 01:32 +0200, Bengt Richter a écrit :
> An alternate solution could be programmed using ffi, as documented in
> [1], n'est-ce pas?
To be clear, you would rather have that function as guile code rather
than extending the C function? I'm OK with that, but in which file
should I put that function? My instinct was to put the code near the
mkdir function, and that happened to be in a C file, so I went C.

> What would guix best-practice guidance say about that?
I'm not sure to follow, now this is a guile matter, guix has nothing to
do about it. I'm sorry I messed a few things up with the mailing lists
(I should have listened to them, "don't cross the streams"). Could you

Best regards,


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