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bug#44186: Recursive mkdir

From: divoplade
Subject: bug#44186: Recursive mkdir
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2020 10:07:17 +0100
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Le dimanche 25 octobre 2020 à 08:45 +0100, Ricardo Wurmus a écrit :
> > > To be clear, you would rather have that function as guile code
> > > rather
> > > than extending the C function? I'm OK with that, but in which
> > > file
> > > should I put that function? My instinct was to put the code near
> > > the
> > > mkdir function, and that happened to be in a C file, so I went C.
> We should all be writing fewer lines of C code and more Scheme :)

OK, but where do I put the function? There is a posix.scm, but this
function is not posix, and posix.scm does not seem to export functions.

By default I will put it in ports.scm, because it is useful for open-

Also, I still cannot run the ports tests! How do I do it? Also test-
out-of-memory fails, but it also fails on master.

Attached, the new version for you to read!

Best regards,


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