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bug#46220: Some non-standard O_* flags are missing

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: bug#46220: Some non-standard O_* flags are missing
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2021 19:30:01 +0100
User-agent: Evolution 3.34.2

Hi guilers,

Attached is a patch that exports O_NOFOLLOW & others
when available.  While testing, I found some weirdness
(kernel: Linux).

$ ./meta/build-env guile
scheme@(guile-user)> O_NOFOLLOW
$1 = 131072
scheme@(guile-user)> O_NOTRANS
$2 = 0
scheme@(guile-user)> O_LARGEFILE
$3 = 0

O_NOFOLLOW is exported as expected.  O_NOTRANS is exported,
even though on the Linux kernel (O_NOTRANS is Hurd-specific).
O_LARGEFILE is 0, which could be correct I suppose, but if
files are opened in large file mode by default I don't really
see a point in defining O_LARGEFILE.

This seems orthogonal to this bug (well, feature request), though.


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