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bug#47263: guile branch "branch_release-1-8" is broken

From: Knut Petersen
Subject: bug#47263: guile branch "branch_release-1-8" is broken
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 12:24:07 +0100
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Hi Thien-Thi Nguy,

Building guile branch_release-1-8 (git 
99cc1f9ded13a3a3adc6766e0c04e690937c8830) fails on my system based on openSuSE 

autogen.sh generates a broken configure script, although I upgraded to autoconf 

This does not seem to be a problem of autoconf 2.71 or the rest of the 
toolchain  as building current guile 'master' does succeed with the same setup 
and building earlier versions of guile 1.8 (e.g. 
6c76a42de1d33c8306db3ce958899b5f0216c240) does suceed with autoconf 2.69 too.


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