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bug#53244: Guile re-export bug

From: zacnix
Subject: bug#53244: Guile re-export bug
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2022 02:35:41 +0100 (CET)

There's a difference in exports depending on if you use use-modules vs 

If a module re-exports a function and the module is imported using use-modules 
the re-export seems to work as one would expect as the documentation says, the 
cdr of the pair is the member of the public interface. 

If you use a resolve-module and then try to pull out the cdr using module-ref 
it fails with a "No variable named...." If you try module-variable you simply 
get a #f. If you try doing the module-ref with the original name then it pulls 
it through just fine.

Is this the expected behavior? As the user I would've expected no difference 
between use modules and the resolve-module method. Thank you.

#! guiles/main.scm
(add-to-load-path "$LOC")
;(use-modules (guiles two))

(define m (resolve-module '(guiles two)))
(define no-print (module-ref m 'no-print))
(display m)
(display "\n")
(display no-print)

#! guiles/one.scm
(define-module (guiles one)
  #:export (print))

(define (print str)
  (display str))

#! guiles/two.scm
(define-module (guiles two)
  #:use-module (guiles one)
  #:re-export ((print . no-print)))

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