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bug#54911: Missing modules argument for coverage-data->lcov

From: Jessica Tallon
Subject: bug#54911: Missing modules argument for coverage-data->lcov
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2022 16:01:27 +0200


I noticed the documentation specify that the `coverage-data->lcov`
function should be able to take modules to limit the scope of the data
that's coverted to lcov. From the docs:

 -- Scheme Procedure: coverage-data->lcov data port #:key modules
     Traverse code coverage information DATA, as obtained with
     ‘with-code-coverage’, and write coverage information to port in the
     ‘.info’ format used by LCOV
     (http://ltp.sourceforge.net/coverage/lcov.php).  The report will
     include all of MODULES (or, by default, all the currently loaded
     modules) even if their code was not executed.

However I noticed that this didn't match the code. I've attached a patch
which implements the behavour described in the docs.


Attachment: 0001-Fix-missing-modules-argument-for-coverage-data-lcov.patch
Description: patch adding missing modules argument

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