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bug#49232: [PATCH] load-foreign-library: perform substring match on libr

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: bug#49232: [PATCH] load-foreign-library: perform substring match on library files
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 15:17:24 +0200
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On 23-07-2022 13:09, soeren@soeren-tempel.net wrote:
From: Sören Tempel <soeren@soeren-tempel.net>

This patch is a fix for bug #49232 [1]. To summarize this bug, the
current load-foreign-library implementation does not load versioned
sonames (e.g. libfoo.so.5) which are common on Linux. This is an issue
for us at Alpine Linux since we ship unversioned sonames (e.g. libfoo.so)
separately. Please refer to the original bug report for details.

Long term, I think it would be ideal for Guile to decide upon a major version (and maybe even location, depending on the choices of the distro) at _compile_ time instead of runtime, not unlike how other compilers work.

More concretely, we could have a macro 'link-foreign-library', of the form:

(link-foreign-library library [maybe other arguments).

If the Guile module is being compiled with --rpath, it searches $CROSS_LIBRARY_PATH or $LIBRARY_PATH and encodes the full file name (/usr/lib/.../libguile-... or /gnu/store/.../lib/...) in the .go, which avoids some manual patching we have to do in Guix.

It could also detect if it's loading a libfoo.so pointing to libfoo.so.N, and if so, replace libfoo.so by libfoo.so.N.

The former (rpath) would work for Guix, and I expect the latter (libfoo.so -> libfoo.so.N) to work on Alpine.

+(define (file-exists-in-dir-with-extension dir basename exts)
+  (let* ((dir-stream (opendir dir))
+         (ret (let loop ((fn (readdir dir-stream)))
+                (and (not (eof-object? fn))
+                     (if (filename-matches-with-extension? fn basename exts)
+                       (in-vicinity dir fn)
+                       (loop (readdir dir-stream)))))))
IIUC, the string-prefix? search is non-deterministic, which can make debugging complicated when multiple versions are installed.  I think it would be better to bail out if there are multiple matches instead of a risk of guessing incorrectly.

The prefixing behaviour is also not documented, so some documentation is needed in the manual.


Also, this seems like a non-trivial change to me, so a copyright line might be in order, unless you did the copyright assignment.


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