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bug#57379: GUI toolkit for Guile 3.0?

From: adriano
Subject: bug#57379: GUI toolkit for Guile 3.0?
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2022 09:17:10 +0200

Hi Lee,

Il giorno mar, 30/08/2022 alle 11.33 -0700, Lee Thomas ha scritto:
> So what I meant by "eventually", David, is that the apps were slow to
> appear. Without the grafts, now they aren't.
> I sincerely apologize for opening a bug on the original issue; it
> appeared to be the right thing to do at the time. I am trying to get
> some apps built in Guile, and sometimes it is difficult to find
> information. Plus, I am dying from cancer, so many times my brain is
> not as lucid as I need it to be, so I make social errors. But I do
> apologize, and I will do better in the future.

I feel you don't need to apologize

With some GNU people, you're never enough

You're not enough smart, you're lazy, you don't want to read the
manual, you don't wanna do you homework, you want to parasiticly
leverage other people's free time

The hypothesis that the problem is in the defect if their communication
is religiously rejected a priori

In fact I run into the same error some years ago and I was berated for

You can feel assured it's not your fault

> It's not obvious to me how I can close this bug report. I will try to
> find out, but if you have a quick response, I would appreciate it.

That's another religious thing of some communities

repos and issue trackers stuck in the past

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