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bug#59321: ice-9's open-input-pipe is unexpectedly slow on some systems

From: Andrew Whatson
Subject: bug#59321: ice-9's open-input-pipe is unexpectedly slow on some systems
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 14:22:52 +1000

Ludovic Courtès <ludo@gnu.org> wrote:
> Andrew Whatson <whatson@gmail.com> skribis:
> > Forcibly closing file descriptors like this shouldn't be necessary if
> > the application has properly opened descriptors with the FD_CLOEXEC
> > flag.  It would be good to get input from some more experienced Guile
> > hackers on the potential consequences of this change.
> Libguile opens all its own file descriptors at O_CLOEXEC (one omission
> was recently fixed in 0aa1a9976fc3c6af4d1087e59d728cb8fe7d369a) so it
> may be possible to remove that FD-closing loop.  There’s still the
> possibility that application bug unwillingly leaks FDs, but we could
> consider it’s none of our business.
> Thoughts?

I agree with this approach in principle, but from what Tomas is saying
it seems like it's not currently possible for applications to do the
right thing in all cases.

> Similarly, with commit a356ceebee000efe91a2a16dbcaa64d6c6a3a922, it’s
> possible to pass ‘open-file’ a flag that corresponds to O_CLOEXEC,
> which wasn’t possible before.


> I’ve also been thinking that files opened with ‘call-with-*’ should be
> O_CLOEXEC.  That’d be an incompatible change though, so maybe not
> something for 3.0.x.

This sounds reasonable to me.

We also need equivalent functionality around SOCK_CLOEXEC.  It seems
this is implemented for ‘accept’, but not ‘socket’ or ‘socketpair’.

Python's PEP 433 contains a good explanation of the issues which can
arise from leaked file descriptors:

Given the risks, I'm convinced that Guile's conservative approach is
actually quite sensible.  It seems like the best path forward would be
to implement platform-specific optimizations where possible.

I've attached a draft patch which implements a fast-path on systems
where "/proc/self/fd" is available.

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