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Re: Core-updates: Downloads do not work

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Core-updates: Downloads do not work
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 21:53:35 +0100
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Andreas Enge <address@hidden> skribis:

> Am Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013 schrieb Ludovic Courtès:
>> It works for name lookups in general, including DNS lookups.  It’s
>> useful to always enable it.
> So should this be checked by ./configure?

It wouldn’t be enough: nscd could be running at configure time, and not later.

> I am still not sure why this is needed; the "host" command does work and I 
> can surf the web, so there seems to be some name lookup service available 
> (even though maybe without the caching advertised for nscd).

The ‘host’ command includes its own DNS client, IIRC (it does not use
getaddrinfo and similar libc services.)

The C library’s getaddrinfo and other lookup functions can of course be
used without nscd, which is what your applications were using.

What differs here is that the bootstrap Guile is statically linked, and
getaddrinfo and similar functions are not fully functional in statically
linked binaries.

Hmm, that said, we should probably build the bootstrap libc with
--disable-nscd to avoid this problem altogether.  I’ll try that, but
rebuilding everything is gonna take ages again...

> Also, it does work in master.

That’s more surprising.

Can you try:

  strace -o ,,s 
/nix/store/7ys18z66aih9dwzlwkj2jynk05a3xsds-guile-bootstrap-2.0/bin/guile -c 
'(pk (getaddrinfo "ftp.gnu.org" "80" AI_NUMERICSERV))'
  grep nscd ,,s

The above path is that of the bootstrap Guile in master.


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