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Re: Release imminent!

From: Nikita Karetnikov
Subject: Re: Release imminent!
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 19:15:05 -0500

> There are a few things to do by then: I’ll take care of augmenting the
> doc, we’ll apply Nikita’s --roll-back patch and I’ll probably add
> --upgrade.

I have some comments about the manual [1] and questions about Guix

1. Can we change quotes?

  "Although GNU programs traditionally used 0x60 (‘`’) for opening and
   0x27 (‘'’) for closing quotes, nowadays quotes ‘`like this'’ are
   typically rendered asymmetrically, so quoting ‘"like this"’ or
   ‘'like this'’ typically looks better." [2]

2. "The build procedure for Guix is the same as for other GNU
   software, and are not covered here." [1]

   I think that it would be better to change it like this: "The build
   procedure for Guix is the same as for other GNU software and it is not
   covered here."

3. Could anyone add more about these?

       Disable compression of the build logs.

       Disable automatic file "deduplication" in the store.

   Do compression and optimization have any disadvantages?

4. "as a unprivileged user" [1] should be changed to "as an
   unprivileged user."

5. Will it be possible to change 'guix-daemon' to run without root
   privileges and also catch impurities?

   I read the corresponding section.  Does it describe the current
   state of Guix or the limitations of the GNU system?

6. "By default, `guix-daemon' launches build processes under different
   UIDs, taken from the build group specified with
   `--build-users-group'.  In addition, each build process is run in a
   chroot environment that only contains the subset of the store that
   the build process depends on, as specified by its derivation (*note
   derivation: Programming Interface.), plus a set of specific system
   directories." [1]

   I guess that "runs" should be used instead of "is run."

7. "The command provides the obvious install, remove, and upgrade
   operations.  Each invocation is actually a _transaction_: either the
   specified operation succeeds, or nothing happens.  Thus, if the
   `guix-package' processed is terminated during the transaction, or if a
   power outage occurs during the transaction, then the user's profile
   remains in its previous state, and remains usable." [1]

   Will it be possible to resume the terminated transaction later?
   It's useful if you have a bad connection.

8. "The `guix-gc' command has three modes of operations: it can be
   used [...]" [1]

   It would be better to remove "of operations."

9. What is the difference between 'guix-build' and 'guix-package -i'?
   And why do we need both?

   'guix-package -i' creates a new profile, right?


[1] http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/guix.git/tree/doc/guix.texi
[2] https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/standards.html#Quote-Characters

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