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Re: Release imminent!

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Release imminent!
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 12:22:33 +0100
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Nikita Karetnikov <address@hidden> skribis:

> 1. Can we change quotes?

Not in Texinfo source: Texinfo (and TeX) interpret ASCII quotation marks
and emit the right thing.

> 2. "The build procedure for Guix is the same as for other GNU
>    software, and are not covered here." [1]
>    I think that it would be better to change it like this: "The build
>    procedure for Guix is the same as for other GNU software and it is not
>    covered here."


> 3. Could anyone add more about these?
>   `--disable-log-compression'
>        Disable compression of the build logs.
>   `--disable-store-optimization'
>        Disable automatic file "deduplication" in the store.
>    Do compression and optimization have any disadvantages?

Not really.  I’ll add something about that.

> 4. "as a unprivileged user" [1] should be changed to "as an
>    unprivileged user."


> 5. Will it be possible to change 'guix-daemon' to run without root
>    privileges and also catch impurities?
>    I read the corresponding section.  Does it describe the current
>    state of Guix or the limitations of the GNU system?

On GNU/Linux and GNU/kFreeBSD, chroot(2) is only available to root; on
GNU/Hurd, unprivileged users can use it too.

> 6. "By default, `guix-daemon' launches build processes under different
>    UIDs, taken from the build group specified with
>    `--build-users-group'.  In addition, each build process is run in a
>    chroot environment that only contains the subset of the store that
>    the build process depends on, as specified by its derivation (*note
>    derivation: Programming Interface.), plus a set of specific system
>    directories." [1]
>    I guess that "runs" should be used instead of "is run."

No, because it means “is run [by the daemon] in a chroot environment”.

> 7. "The command provides the obvious install, remove, and upgrade
>    operations.  Each invocation is actually a _transaction_: either the
>    specified operation succeeds, or nothing happens.  Thus, if the
>    `guix-package' processed is terminated during the transaction, or if a
>    power outage occurs during the transaction, then the user's profile
>    remains in its previous state, and remains usable." [1]
>    Will it be possible to resume the terminated transaction later?
>    It's useful if you have a bad connection.

Of course.  If you hit C-c in the middle of an installation, you can
start over, and only packages that have not been built yet will get

> 8. "The `guix-gc' command has three modes of operations: it can be
>    used [...]" [1]
>    It would be better to remove "of operations."

Hmm, I just removed the ‘s’.  :-)

> 9. What is the difference between 'guix-build' and 'guix-package -i'?
>    And why do we need both?
>    'guix-package -i' creates a new profile, right?

‘guix-build’ is for packagers, when you want to build something without
actually adding it to your profile, whereas ‘guix-package -i’ is for
when you want to add something to your profile.

Do you think this should be clarified somehow?



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