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Rollback problems

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Rollback problems
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 21:48:46 +0100
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Rollback does not quite work as expected for me. I am starting without .guix-profile in the home directory, and an empty directory $PREFIX/var/nix/profiles/per-user/$USER (which I will shorten to $PERUSER in the following).


$ guix-package -i hello


This creates a link $HOME/.guix-profile to $PERUSER/guix-profile; the latter points to the newly created $PERUSER/guix-profile-1-link


$ guix-package --roll-back

error: no previous profile; not rolling back


No links are changed. I think in this case, rollback should create the "empty profile" and have $PERUSER/guix-profile-1-link point to it. Alternatively, the empty profile could be created in the beginning, so that installing hello would actually create profile number 2. (I think this would be the cleanest solution: Upon creation of $HOME/.guix-profile and $PERUSER/guix-profile, create a first empty profile $PERUSER/guix-profile-1-link, and the rollback code could stay the same.)


$ guix-package -i freetype


This creates $PERUSER/guix-profile-2-link and updates the links as expected.


$ guix-package --roll-back

switching from generation 2 to 1


Unexpectedly, $PERUSER/guix-profile-2-link is not deleted, but $PERUSER/guix-profile now points to $PERUSER/guix-profile-1-link. But we need to delete the second profile link, as shown by the following:


$ guix-package -i file

Now $PERUSER/guix-profile-3-link is created, pointing to an environment containing hello and file.


$ guix-package --roll-back

switching from generation 3 to 2


Now, we go back to generation 2, containing hello and the mysteriously reappeared freetype.




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