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'guix-build' returns 'unknown package', Bison's testsuite fails

From: Nikita Karetnikov
Subject: 'guix-build' returns 'unknown package', Bison's testsuite fails
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 08:10:31 -0500


I'm trying to package 'gobject-introspection', but I'm facing some

  1. 'guix-build' doesn't work for new packages; it returns
     "<package>: unknown package."  I'm using the '-e' option as a
     workaround, but it's not very convenient.

     For instance, if I copy the recipe for 'sed' to 'newsed.scm', then
     replace 'sed' with 'newsed' in that file, and try to build it via
     'guix-build newsed', it will return the mentioned error message.
     However, it will work if I use the '-e' option.  Also, I won't get
     any errors if I try to import it in the REPL.

  2. Bison's testsuite fails and I'm not able to fix it.  So I'd like to
     disable it because I want to test 'gobject-introspection'.  Why
     doesn't '(arguments `(#:tests? #f))' disable the testsuite?

These issues may seem unrelated, but there is a similarity: My changes
have no effect.  I've just replaced 'gnu/packages/bison.scm' with an
empty file, but 'guix-build bison' doesn't raise any errors.  Is it


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