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Re: Porting to mips64el

From: Nikita Karetnikov
Subject: Re: Porting to mips64el
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 16:59:19 -0500

> The obvious thing to do here is to check whether that binary works
> correctly.  It’s supposed to be the statically-linked bootstrap Bash,
> see base.scm.

The files are there.  But if I try
'/nix/store/qn*-glibc-intermediate-2.17/bin/sh --help', I'll get 'No
such file or directory'.

> This is tricky.  You could try to restart the daemon with /bin and
> anything else needed added to the chroot, and keep building from there,
> hoping that there won’t be impurities again.

Well, there are '/dev', '/proc', and '/bin'.  Is it necessary to add
something else?

(I tried again and got the same error.)


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