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Re: 'python-build-system'

From: Nikita Karetnikov
Subject: Re: 'python-build-system'
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 07:50:24 +0400

> Yes, definitely.  But that’s not a problem: these scripts are most
> likely unused during the build process and afterward.

So, should I package it (without replacing shells)?

>> * guix/build/utils.scm (wrap-program): Assume that 'prog' is an
>>   absolute filename.  Adjust 'prog-real' and 'prog-tmp' accordingly.
>>   Also, change 'prog-tmp' to honor command line arguments.

> What was wrong with the previous approach?  I don’t like the “assume
> it’s an absolute file name” bit, because we don’t know whether the
> assumption holds.

Well, have a look at this snippet:

+                  (for-each (cut wrap-program <> var)
+                            files)))

Each 'file' here will have an absolute filename.

I failed to make it work with the previous version.

Should I change the commit message?

> You need double quotes around address@hidden

Why should I add them?

> You also need to keep (package-native-search-paths python).  See commit
> 35ac56b6, which fixed that for Perl & co.

Could you elaborate?  Why is it needed?  Is it necessary to add

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