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Re: FTBFS on GNU/Hurd

From: BlueT - Matthew Lien - 練喆明
Subject: Re: FTBFS on GNU/Hurd
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2013 19:16:25 +0800
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Ah, okay.

On 2013年07月05日 17:55, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> Currently the distro within Guix is only available for GNU/Linux, i686
> and x86_64.  So the error we see here is just a graceless way of saying
> “not ported yet”.  I’ll change ‘configure’ to just error out when
> running on an unsupported platform.

I guess I gotta give up reporting bug building on RaspberryPi (raspbian)
too, as it's armhf arch instead of i686|x86_64.

On raspbian it got error in bootstraping, complains about automake
version (raspbian have only 1.11.6, but guix require 1.12).

> Now, porting the distro to GNU/Hurd is part of the plan.  That will
> require packaging all of the Hurd (the Hurd itself, GNU Mach, MiG,
> libpthread, and the Hurd’s glibc).
> This is doable (I already did that for Nix), but I would really want to
> use published tarballs, instead of packaging random Git checkouts of all
> that.  Unfortunately the Hurd folks probably feel little incentive for
> releasing source tarballs given that the project is closely tied to
> Debian currently, for which source releases are not so important.

I'm expecting to see a GNU/Hurd port, as it has the real GNU soul. :-)

A dumb question,
Can I use both APT and Guix on the same system?
As what you mentioned, GNU/Hurd is much like a GNU/Debian/Hurd with apt
by default.
If I can use APT for the base system and use Guix for installing other
applications (ex, firefox, mutt, other userland applications), porting
the whole Hurd into Nixpkgs will not be a must-have-now issue.

I think it might be a cool thing which letting sysadmin and users decide
what applications (and what version) they want.
Would mixing apt and guix cause any problem?

Best wishes,

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