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Re: [Guix] FTBFS on Ubuntu (12.04) 64bit. Various fatal during install.

From: BlueT - Matthew Lien - 練喆明
Subject: Re: [Guix] FTBFS on Ubuntu (12.04) 64bit. Various fatal during install.
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2013 08:46:22 +0800
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Hello Ludo',

On 2013年07月06日 04:29, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> Yeah, the latest and greatest Autotools are needed for development.
> (This will no longer be a problem once you have Guix installed because
> that’s what the distro has: the latest and greatest.  :-))

I understand that >=1.12 might be better than 1.11, but is there
something we can do to make it support both?
Or should we just tag it as 'Building Guix from git source is not
supported on Ubuntu' ?

Some dirty motification of the system might be needed to add automake
1.12+ into system without breaking the package dependency tree. :-(
I know Guix is trying to fix the current situation, but that's where I'm
(and people who wanna try Guix are) in now...

>> 2. guix-2.0, make check FAIL: 7
> It’s 0.2 actually.  :-)

Oops, sorry, my bad. ^^;

> The test log has a lot of these:
>> suspicious ownership or permission on 
>> `/home/bluet/guix-0.2/test-tmp/store/fcj4d6x41bmsp235cwm8zhzpc782xbw4-module-import';
>>  rejecting this build output
>> @ build-failed 
>> /home/bluet/guix-0.2/test-tmp/store/15ifzzvqq54r7n891s47q5rai5l1pfhc-module-import.drv
>>  - 1 suspicious ownership or permission on 
>> `/home/bluet/guix-0.2/test-tmp/store/fcj4d6x41bmsp235cwm8zhzpc782xbw4-module-import';
>>  rejecting this build output
> The code that leads to this error is this:
>     /* Check that the output is not group or world writable,
>        as that means that someone else can have interfered
>        with the build.  Also, the output should be owned by
>        the build user. */
>     if ((!S_ISLNK(st.st_mode) && (st.st_mode & (S_IWGRP | S_IWOTH))) ||
>         (buildUser.enabled() && st.st_uid != buildUser.getUID()))
>         throw BuildError(format("suspicious ownership or permission on `%1%'; 
> rejecting this build output") % path);
> Could you check the permissions on these files?

Those files are not exist anymore after the `make check`, as they're
created in test-tmp/ for the test only.

After some tries, I can see
- -r--r--r-- 1 bluet bluet 899 Jan  1  1970
but didn't catch the

> What does the ‘umask’ command show?

address@hidden:~/guix-0.2$ umask

Hope these helps. :-)

Best wishes,

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