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bug#14884: TLS connection not terminated properly

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#14884: TLS connection not terminated properly
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 22:50:42 +0200
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As reported by Mark Weaver and others, fetching from
https://archive.apache.org leads an error:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
$ guix build -S subversion --no-substitutes
The following derivation will be built:
@ build-started 
/nix/store/0qm0bggyhrdhrk1ks8hs2pya5n0ikx57-subversion-1.7.8.tar.bz2.drv - 
starting download of 
`/nix/store/i35q1vm2sl27sjhs7mx8n2m05056ya9x-subversion-1.7.8.tar.bz2' from 
https://archive.apache.org/.../subversion-1.7.8.tar.bz2  99.0% of 5882.7 
KiBERROR: Throw to key `gnutls-error' with args `(#<gnutls-error-enum The TLS 
connection was non-properly terminated.> fill_session_record_port_input)'.
failed to download 
"/nix/store/i35q1vm2sl27sjhs7mx8n2m05056ya9x-subversion-1.7.8.tar.bz2" from 
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

We discussed it on IRC some time ago:

<mark_weaver> I just tried, and the wget from guix also works.
<civodul> ok
<mark_weaver> maybe wget is ignoring that particular TLS error, dunno.
* civodul tries  [23:22]
<civodul> i can reproduce it
<mark_weaver> I see something about it on this page:
<mark_weaver> For glib-networking update to version 2.29.92, it says "Fixed a
              problem when linking against GNUTLS 3.0, where connections would
              sometimes return the error "The TLS connection was non-properly
              terminated". (bgo#659233)"  [23:30]
<mark_weaver> I'm not sure what bug tracking system that bug number is in.
<civodul> the rationale is discussed at
<mark_weaver> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=659233  [23:33]
<mark_weaver> well, I suppose we could just use plain http for that URL.
<civodul> sure :-)  [23:36]
<civodul> though the problem is worth fixing
<mark_weaver> is it a problem on our end, or on the apache archive server?
<mark_weaver> given that we will check the SHAsum on the downloaded file, I
              suppose there's no harm in ignoring that error for downloads, in
              any case.  [23:38]
<civodul> yes, that's what i was thinking  [23:39]
<civodul> but it's actually tricky to ignore
<civodul> because we pass a TLS port to the download code
<mark_weaver> here's what glib-networking did, fwiw:

The problem is that the exception is raised by the TLS session record
port’s fill_input method, so there’s no nice call site to wrap into

We could catch around the ‘dump-port’ call in (guix build download), but
we’d lose info about how much data has actually been transferred.

So for now, I will just:

  1. use http://archive.apache.org instead of https;
  2. ignore this problem altogether, unless this behavior is found to be

Comments welcome.


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