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bug#14851: linux-libre-3.3.8-gnu disappeared

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: bug#14851: linux-libre-3.3.8-gnu disappeared
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 16:50:23 -0300
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On Jul 19, 2013, address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) wrote:

> What do you mean by “multiple GBs of builds per week”?  Linux{,-Libre}
> releases are not that frequent, are they?

They are.  ATM there are 4 active stable releases that each get one new
release per week.  There are 3 other LTS stable branches that get
releases less often.  And then, there are the weekly development -rcs
for the next release, that I seldom start tracking long before the
release is out.  This is just for sources, and it adds up to almost 1GB
per week.

Adding binaries to the picture grows the entire size by a little bit
when it comes to the freesh and planet .debs, and to a larger extent
when it comes to gnewsense/yeeloong (that gets one build per source
release we put out, with a total deb+tar size about the same size of the
source release subdir), and the freed-ora builds (that involve 1-4 rpm
builds per active Fedora release per week, each one weighting some 2GB
total; for most of the time there are 2 or 3 active releases; sometimes
there are 4, depending on whether or not I've already cleaned up the -rc
series for the upcoming release that gets built for the rawhide tree).

> If size turns out to be a problem, we could choose to keep only LTS
> releases on ftp.gnu.org, for instance.

Keeping only LTS wouldn't help guix, though, since you're not using an
LTS release.

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