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bug#16703: guix download failed

From: Raimon Grau
Subject: bug#16703: guix download failed
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 23:57:15 +0100


Downloading a file fails when wget succeeds for the same url.

❯ ./pre-inst-env scripts/guix download  http://dist.schmorp.de/rxvt-unicode/rxvt-unicode-9.19.tar.bz2
starting download of `guix-file.JuQAtc' from `http://dist.schmorp.de/rxvt-unicode/rxvt-unicode-9.19.tar.bz2'...
ERROR: download failed "http://dist.schmorp.de/rxvt-unicode/rxvt-unicode-9.19.tar.bz2" 500 "blocked for one hour"
failed to download "guix-file.JuQAtc" from "http://dist.schmorp.de/rxvt-unicode/rxvt-unicode-9.19.tar.bz2"
guix download: error: http://dist.schmorp.de/rxvt-unicode/rxvt-unicode-9.19.tar.bz2: download failed

(on IRC)
<civodul> wget does "Connection: Keep-Alive" whereas Guile does "Connection: close"
<civodul> could be the reason

Will keep investigating.

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