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bug#17786: group specified in `build-users-group' does not exist

From: Tomas Cech
Subject: bug#17786: group specified in `build-users-group' does not exist
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 19:02:30 +0200
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I'm fighting with guix building:

guix package: error: build failed: the group `"guix-builders"' specified in
`build-users-group' does not exist

# grep guix /etc/passwd
guix-builder1:x:61:479:Guix builder 1:/var/empty:/sbin/nologin
guix-builder2:x:62:479:Guix builder 2:/var/empty:/sbin/nologin
guix-builder3:x:63:479:Guix builder 3:/var/empty:/sbin/nologin
guix-builder4:x:64:479:Guix builder 4:/var/empty:/sbin/nologin
guix-builder5:x:65:479:Guix builder 5:/var/empty:/sbin/nologin
# grep guix /etc/group

Nothing seems to be obviously wrong, but guix ends with this error.

# su guix-builder1

works as well.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Tomas Cech

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